Owl C U Behavioral Health

The Owl

    I'll admit that the name of my practice may seem different than most, it fits so well with my approach to helping people.

    The owl represents inner strength and wisdom to survive even the harshest of environments, such qualities may seem difficult for individuals to find within themselves.

    My philosophy to treatment is to help individuals find their inner strength, wisdom and the ability to see  through their own personal darkness. Much like the owl.

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  Welcome to Owl C U Behavioral Health! My background in mental health spans over 25 years working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I've also enjoyed teaching psychiatric nursing at college and university levels.   

   I use individualized approaches to address symptoms, past trauma and life stress; sometimes this includes therapy, medication, or both.  My role is to educate clients on these treatment options, discuss what may be best for them and develop a plan of treatment together.

   I hope you will give me the opportunity to explore individualized treatment options with you.


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